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We are now located within Westmead Private Hospital, at Suite 17, situated in the central atrium

BAUS Trophy 2015

BAUS Trophy 2015 was awarded to Professor Patel for best scientific presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Urological Society of Australia & New Zealand (USANZ) for his research on "Cystectomy outcomes in NSW"

Prof Patel has received this award previously, in 2006 for research in testicular cancer and 2007 for research in prostate cancer.

Multi parametric MRI and Prostate Biopsy

Multi parametric MRI and Prostate Biopsy – recent advances have led to better detection of tumours and more accurate targeting of biopsies using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Multi parametric MRI incorporates the use of T2 weighted imaging, diffusion weighted imaging and dynamic contrast imaging. This imaging modality allows spatial resolution and soft tissue contrast necessary to accurately identify prostate cancer. The MRI is non-invasive and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

A multi parametric MRI prior to biopsy can identify suspicious areas which can then be targeted. It should be noted however, that approximately 15% of significant cancers will not be detected by MRI, so standard biopsy techniques would be required in this instance. The MRI can also determine if a cancer in the prostate has spread beyond the prostate into the surrounding tissues or surrounding lymph nodes, which can help with planning surgery or radiotherapy treatment. Multi parametric MRI can also be used to monitor patients with small low grade tumours who have elected to be managed with active surveillance.

The results of a multi parametric MRI are highly dependent on the quality of the equipment (3Tesla magnet) and experience of the reading radiologist. Prof Patel refers his patients to facilities which have excellent equipment as well has highly qualified MRI radiologists to obtain reliable information.

If an abnormality is identified on the MRI a number of methods are available to target it at prostate biopsy. The most accurate method is to perform the  biopsy under MRI guidance in the MRI scanner. Prof Patel is one of only a small number of urologists in NSW who perform this procedure.

Latest Developments

Prof Patel offers the very latest techniques in prostate and bladder cancer treatments, including nerve-sparing prostatectomy, minimally invasive treatments for cancer and complementary therapies.

He has an interest in consulting on any patient with elevated PSA, haematuria, kidney mass or suspected urological cancer.